To seek, to strive, to find, and not to yield. - Ulysses

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Think about Thursday:

Block B: Your paragraphs are really starting to come together! We will continue the graphic organizers and rough drafts tomorrow!

Block C: Your mind maps are looking so fantastic!!! Based on the feedback from class today - you need more time in class to complete this mind map. Therefore, I will give you another class tomorrow. If you finish in class please bring your book talk assignment to work on or a Spinebreakers book to read. The first reading check is on Wednesday - so get reading!!!

Block D: Great work on the analyzing theme paragraphs today. If you did not finish your double-spaced rough draft in class today - please do so tonight as we will be peer editing tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday:

Block B: Today in class today we finished watching the movie Stand By Me and worked together to complete the character charts. After reviewing the parts of a good paragraph we got started on the graphic organizer for the character analysis paragraph. Ms. McBurney and I collected them at the end of class to check your progress. We'll continue writing the structure tomorrow.

Block C: What an awesome class today! I am so pleased with the level of focus and concentration. You were all working so hard on your mind maps! Great job!!! I will be giving you the entire class tomorrow to continue the good work you're doing. Please bring fine liners, pencil crayons and rulers to class tomorrow!

Block D: After discussing the good and not so good aspects of paragraph writing, we broke down the components of a theme analysis paragraph. We then got started on the graphic organizer for the theme paragraph. If you did not finish your graphic organizer in class - please complete it for homework.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Take Away Tuesday:

Block B: Today we introduced one of the note-taking methods for ELO 1. We worked together to create a mind map on the board for Don Anselmo - then you started thinking about your mind map for Mrs. Jones. The homework tonight is to complete the planning chart on yellow paper - I'll be checking tomorrow!

Block C: Keep filling in the characteristics for Stand By Me - we'll finish the movie tomorrow and start our character task.

Block D: If you did not complete your 4 thematic statements in class today - please do so for homework tonight!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Mega Monday!

Block B: There will be a little bit of bonus time tomorrow to complete your "Thank You M'am" plot diagrams at the beginning of class. We will be doing a closer examination of character tomorrow.

Block C: So we only got the first little bit of the movie started in class today - but don't worry - we'll continue talking character tomorrow!

Block D: Today in class we moved from our setting charts to writing setting haiku poems - 3 of them! I'll post the instructions below. We also started talking about theme - and writing theme statements. Here are the instructions for the homework.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Fabulous Friday:

Block B: Today was our last work block for our stories - and we have seen some awesome progress! If you need some extra time please hand in your completed stories on Monday - we can't wait to send them to Mitchell Elementary!

Block C: Today we talked some more about characters and characterization. We then started to prepare ourselves for the next short story that we will read on Monday. There is no homework this weekend!

Block D: We finished reading the short story "The Veldt" together in class - and yes - a creepy story indeed. We then completed the story map and a setting chart. If you didn't finish your setting chart - please do so for Monday. Here is a copy of the chart in case you didn't copy it down in class.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday:

Block B: We are so close to the finish line writers! The good copy of your children's story is due at the end of class tomorrow. BUT... if you need some extra time you can hand it in on Monday.

Block C: Don't forget your Soap for Hope donations for tomorrow! We will start to take a closer look at character tomorrow - so there is no homework tonight!

Block D: We did not get a chance to finish reading "The Veldt" in class today - but I am NOT assigning it for homework - we'll finish reading it together tomorrow in class. If you were unable to finish your characterization chart for "The Necklace" please do that for tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tasks for a Tuesday:

Block B: We are very impressed with the steady progress you are all making on your stories! We will continue working on the rough drafts tomorrow in class.

Block C: Make sure that you are studying for the short story quiz on Thursday. We will continue setting and ELO 4 tomorrow.

Block D: The good copy of "The Father" advice letter is due tomorrow. If you didn't finish your characterization chart for "The Necklace" please complete that as well.