To seek, to strive, to find, and not to yield. - Ulysses

Monday, October 5, 2015

Merrily on Monday!

Block A: Extra time tomorrow for groups to finish their work from today!

Block B: The double-spaced good copy of your "Saturday Climbing" paragraph is due tomorrow. Make sure you have all components to hand in. If you didn't finish reading your assigned short story for the project today - make sure it is done for tomorrow, so that you can start to work on it tomorrow in class.

Block D: Great work on making inferences today! No homework tonight! 

Here is an example of what a good copy paragraph looks like:

Friday, October 2, 2015

Fabulous Friday!

Block A: Thank you for all of the journals today! Your next group meeting will take place on Monday - so make sure your reading and sticky notes are done.

Block B: A highly focused writing block today - great job. The double-spaced rough draft is due on Monday for peer editing.

Block D: Thank you for your awesome behaviour during our fire drill today - you all followed my instructions to a T! We successfully wrote our first quiz on nouns! Your homework for the weekend is to take the feedback from your editor and make the BEST good copy you can for your expository paragraph. Make sure it is double-spaced in pen or typed. You will need to hand in the graphic organizer and the rough draft with peer editing on Monday - so make sure you have them in class.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thoughts on this Thursday:

Block A: 2nd group meeting today - don't worry if your group didn't finish - I will give you time in class tomorrow to finish up. Your 3-4 double-entry journals are due tomorrow. Make sure you follow the format on the handout. They must be in pen or typed.

Block B: Phew! I can't believe I managed to conference with every single one of you today! Hopefully you now feel that you have a strong thesis upon which to base your argument. For homework tonight - finish the graphic organizer for your second literary analysis. I will give you time in class tomorrow to write the rough draft.

Block D: We will be having a noun quiz in class tomorrow - make sure you complete your review sheets! If you didn't finish your double-spaced rough draft - it is due tomorrow for peer editing.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday:

Block A: You have your second group meeting tomorrow - make sure you are prepared with your sticky notes and your notes on character and characterization. If you have questions about your journals - tomorrow is your last chance as you have 3-4 entries due on Friday.

Block B: I tried to provide you with as much constructive feedback as possible on your first attempt at literary analysis. Read through your first paragraph and challenge yourself to improve next time. I then assigned your second attempt: the central theme analysis for "Saturday Climbing." Homework tonight is the front side of your graphic organizer - the brainstorm and the hook, T.A.G. and thesis.

Block D: Keep studying for your noun quiz on Friday! Homework tonight is to find a silent reading novel for tomorrow's class. It does not have to be the novel you choose for the Book Talk ELO, but you need to have a book in class. You have until Tuesday October 13th to choose your novel. By then you should try a few different books to find the one you would like to complete for the Book Talk. I will let you know the due date on the 13th.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Take That, Tuesday!

Block A: Almost all of the groups finished their discussions today - thank you all for your hard work. Tomorrow you will have time in class to read and prepare for the group meeting on Thursday, in addition to time to meet with your groups and discuss the journals that are due on Friday. Make sure you take the time to discuss your journals with your groups - to help you increase your understanding.

Block B: Please complete 4 incredible, and original theme statements for the story "Saturday Climbing." I've given you 4 big ideas - now you need to write the themes. Avoid cliches at all cost!

Block D: You will have a noun quiz on Friday - make sure you study! If you did not finish your paragraph on either exercise or smoking please do so tonight - we will move on to ELO 5 in class tomorrow.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Melodious Monday

Block A: A good day for a first group meeting. I hope that the discussion rubric helped you to be a stronger group member. I will give you time in class tomorrow to work on any unfinished group work. If you have already finished - then you should use your time in class to read and complete your sticky notes for Thursday's meeting and/or work on your 3-4 double-entry journals that are due on Friday.

Block B: Today in class we read the short story "Saturday Climbing." We discussed the timeline (because there are A LOT of flashbacks) then you got started on the plot diagram. If you did not finish your plot diagram in class - please do so for homework tonight.

Block D: We started to look at parts of speech with our noun review. If you did not finish the worksheets on common vs. proper and abstract vs. concrete - please do so tonight. We then reviewed the parts of a paragraph and started to practice putting together our own. We will continue our paragraph writing journey tomorrow.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thoughtfully Thursday:

Block A: Today we reviewed some of the literary techniques that you are going to need to watch for in your novel: allusion, metaphor, imagery and irony. In addition we talked about expectations for the double-entry journal and how you will be evaluating your peers during the group discussions. Your homework over the weekend is to complete the reading that your group agreed to, in addition to the minimum 4 sticky notes per chapter of your thoughts. Not sure what to write on the sticky notes? Here is the list again:

Block B: We started off with a little game of literary term review - good times - keep studying your terminology. This weekend you need to take the feedback your editor has provided and improve your literary analysis paragraph. Remember this paragraph is about 250 words - a little more is ok - but clarity is key! Make sure you are not reinforcing points by just stating them again in different words. On Monday you will hand in a double-spaced good copy, rough draft, blue editing sheet, and graphic organizer.

Block D: If you did not finish your Zoo Revolution worksheet in class today - please do so for home work this weekend! We will be using it for our next ELO!