To seek, to strive, to find, and not to yield. - Ulysses

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Take Away Tuesday!

Block B: Keep searching for your silent reading book! You have until Monday to make your decision. If you didn't finish your making inferences chart for the story "They're Made out of Meat" please do so for homework tonight - we'll discuss the story in the morning!

Block C: Today we started the process of mapping our transformational narratives. If you were able to complete your map and have it checked by me - then you were free to start your double-spaced draft. If not, please finish it tonight for me to read during silent reading.

Block D: Today we worked in groups on questions for "A&P" and we almost got through them all before the bell rang. Tomorrow we will continue working with this story - but for tonight there is no homework, just don't forget your silent reading books!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Musings

Block B: Thanks for handing in your work on time today! We started our journey to becoming better readers with inferences. There is no homework tonight - we'll continue our work tomorrow! Please bring a novel to class tomorrow.

Block C: Today we started the REAL work of English 12 with the personal narrative. Is first essay will explore your own transformation. For homework tonight, you need to make a list or a brainstorm of events from your own life that may make for a good essay. Don't start writing yet - let me take a look at your ideas first. We'll continue with next steps in class tomorrow. Don't forget you need a novel to read in class tomorrow.

Block D: Good start to short stories. We read "A&P" in class today. If you did not finish the plot diagram please do so this evening. Don't forget about the examples of alliteration. Also start looking for your silent reading book - you need to have one for tomorrow morning.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Fun this Friday!

Block B: Bio poems are due on Monday - can't wait to see your finished product! Make sure you are reading the yellow criteria sheet to make sure you have done all that you can for this assignment.

Block C: Thank you for your thoughtful advice to the grade 8 students! I will be sharing it on Monday. In the mean time, please complete your paradoxes with visual to be handed in on Monday.

Block D: Great work on your metaphors - finished work is due on Monday!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thoughts on Thursday:

Block B: Thanks for your questions today - hopefully I get some good answers from block C! In class today I handed out the first assignment of the semester - your Bio Poem. I will be giving you class time tomorrow to work on it - please make sure that you bring any materials to class that you might need to work on the visual part as well as the draft. The good copy - typed or hand written in pen with your visual is due on Monday.

Block C: Hopefully you are making progress with your paradox - I know that it seems tricky - but you can do this! I will give you some time in class tomorrow to work on it - good copy and visuals due on Monday!

Block D: A lot of great focus and concentration in class today! I'm looking forward to your metaphors. There will be some time in class tomorrow to work on your drafts and visuals - good copy of all due on Monday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Walk This Way Wednesday!

Block B: I was very impressed with your work in class today! A lot of focus and concentration on that first writing assignment. Those where finished early started on the Agenda Scavenger Hunt - and many of you are already finished. If you did not get a chance to complete the search - please do so for homework! This is another reminder to hand in your green sheet by Friday.

Block C: Today we completed a little survey about yourself - then moved on to your first assignment: The Paradox. The good copy with visual will be due on Monday. If you didn't get in your blue sheets - please have them in by Friday!

Block D: Ah the metaphor. A concept that appears so simple - and yet - has the ability to drive one crazy when applied to oneself! Today after the paper work - of personal snapshots and yellow forms - we started our first assignment. You will be attempting to explain yourself to be through an extended metaphor. In class today we completed the front of the sheet with personal attributes and concrete objects to correlate. This assignment will be due on Monday with the accompanying visual.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Welcome Back Tuesday!!!

Huzzah! We're back! I'm so excited that we are finally able to get back to school!!! I hope that we all feel the extra energy in the building and use it to have a wonderful semester together.

Block B: We're off to a great starts grade 8s!!! There are 3 things I asked you to bring tomorrow - so please try your best to have it all ready for me first thing tomorrow morning. Sign and complete the green letter, finish the student survey, and bring your agenda with you to class tomorrow. 

Block C: I've had a look at your first quiz of the semester - and the marks were all over the place! I guess we have some work to do! If you were unable to complete your introductory writing assignment in class today - please complete it for homework tonight. Also - a reminder to share course outlines and blue forms at home - and return the blue by Friday.

Block D: With the homeroom to start we were a little short on time - there was just enough time at the end of the block to hand out the personal snapshot - so if you were unable to complete it in class - please do so for homework. In addition you will need to have your yellow sheet signed and back to me by Friday.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thoroughly Thursday:

Block B:
11s - Memory Books are ALMOST done! Great work all!!!
12s - We are just about done with business letters and will get started on the essay compositions tomorrow!

Block C: Study, study, study! But what should I study? The yellow handout of tips and tricks, your purple handout of poetry terms, the 2 forms of synthesis essays, the personal narrative options, and any other terms from the Provincial handout that MIGHT appear in the MC section. We will finish the practice synthesis tomorrow.

Block D: Macbeth unit test tomorrow! Make sure you are prepared!