To seek, to strive, to find, and not to yield. - Ulysses

Friday, October 17, 2014

Full-on Friday!

Block B: Awesome work today everyone!!! We wrote our noun and pronoun quiz then continued working on the group discussion charts. And because you all worked so hard this week on all of those ELOs - there is no homework this weekend!

Block C: Don't worry if you didn't finish your group discussion today - there will be time on Monday to finish up. Plus your next group meeting isn't until Wednesday - so you have some time to get caught up generally.

Block D: Great work block today! On Monday we will be peer editing the rough drafts of our chosen literary analysis paragraphs. I will be giving you time to work on Tuesday and collecting the project on Wednesday.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Think about it Thursday!

Block B: Great work on your group discussions today! Study hard for your quiz on nouns and pronouns tomorrow!

Block C: I will be collecting your 3 journal entries tomorrow. And there is also a group meeting - so make sure your reading and sticky notes are done.

Block D: Work continued today on your short story analysis project. The rough draft of your chosen literary analysis paragraph is due on Monday for peer editing. The entire project is due on Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Walk-Away Wednesday

Block B: If you didn't get exercise A and B finished for the nouns practice - please do so tonight. We will continue to group discussion ELO tomorrow!

Block C: There will be extra time tomorrow for groups to complete their group work - either discussions around character and characterization or the journals - which are due on Friday.

Block D: Today I handed out the short story literary analysis project. Most people chose their stories and got to work reading and figuring out the elements of fiction for the story. Read through your story tonight and come prepared to work tomorrow - due date is TBA.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Turnaround Tuesday

Block B: Today we reviewed the different types of nouns - there will be more opportunities for practice - then a quiz on Friday. For tomorrow, please complete the worksheet on inferences in "All the Years of Her Life" and study the pink sheet of terminology for the short story quiz tomorrow.

Block C: For tomorrow - you need to have completed all of your reading and sticky notes. Hopefully you will also have the opportunity to work on your journals - as you have 3 entries due on Friday.

Block D: The double-spaced good copy of your "Saturday Climbing paragraph is due tomorrow. Make sure you hand in all parts - as I want to see your outline, rough draft, peer editing sheet and good copy.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Full Throttle Friday!

Block B: Today we discussed the characters from "Thank You M'am" and the various plot points. We then read our last story: "All the Years of Her Life." There was a vote on what the in class work would be and the majority chose to complete the plot diagram and leave the inference work for Tuesday. If you were called down for photos and did not complete the plot diagram in class - please do so for Tuesday! In addition you need to study the pink sheet of terminology for the quiz on Wednesday.

Block C: Great start to this unit today! You met with your groups and completed (or mostly) completed your discussion organizers. If you did not finish there will be extra time on Tuesday. You are responsible for getting your reading and sticky notes completed for the next group meeting. Also you should be choosing your 3 quotes and writing your 3 personal responses to discuss with your group on Tuesday.

Block D: Thanks for all the great questions about thesis statements! Consider the feedback and for this next attempt at the literary analysis what you would like to focus on to get better. The double-spaced rough draft is due on Tuesday for peer editing. Also you should study the green sheet of terminology for the quiz on Tuesday.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

That's all for Thursday!

Block B: In class today, we read the story "Thank You, M'am" by Langston Hughes. After discussing the story you started working on a story map and characterization chart. If you didn't finish these in class please do so tonight as we will be discussing them tomorrow.

Block C: Today I reviewed some literary techniques that you should pay particular attention to: allusion, imagery, metaphor and irony. Not only are you expected to be able to identify their use in prose writing - but to discuss and analyze their functions in relation to the depth of your understanding of the work as a whole. Tomorrow will be your first group meeting - you need to have read the agreed upon pages and completed your sticky notes - should you fail to do so - there will be no meeting for you. Come prepared with lots to talk about!!!

Block D: My hope today is that you feel like you know how you are going to improve on your next literary analysis. After our discussion of the story - I talked about some of the things I noticed in your first attempt. I then assigned literary analysis number 2: In a well developed paragraph, analyze the central theme in "Saturday Climbing." The outline is due tomorrow. I will hopefully have the chance to talk to all of you about your thesis statements in class.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Walk-about Wednesday

Block B: Great work on characterization today! We'll read our next story tomorrow - no homework tonight!

Block C: Reading and sticky notes are due for our first group meeting on Friday! Good luck!

Block D: If you didn't finish the discussion questions for "Saturday Climbing" here they are. We'll discuss tomorrow!