To seek, to strive, to find, and not to yield. - Ulysses

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Takeaway Tuesday:

Block B: The power of words - some very interesting thoughts and observations! We will finish up this novel break tomorrow - then back to the book!

Block C: What a fabulous day of presentations! Today you blew me away with your bravery and creativity. Thank you for sharing your work with us. There are a couple more presentations - but we will get through them when I get back. No homework tonight!

Block D: The official start of poetry today. And we have some big questions to answer for ourselves. First of all, what makes poetry worth stopping for? An initial response was written in class - before we had a chance to complete our first poetry challenge. Never fear - we shall pick that up next time I see you. No homework tonight!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Marvelous Monday!

Block B: What will Devon do now?! Get away from Ben, for starters... We will have time in class tomorrow to finish up the 3rd reading strategy and the journal response.

Block C: Practice, Practice Practice!!!! Be comfortable enough with your material that you blow us all away!

Block D: If you did not finish the response to the movie here, is the post movie reflection - due tomorrow.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Your week ends on a Thursday!

It is Pro-D tomorrow - so you get a bonus day off!!!

Block B: We are in the process of giving you some feedback on your reading logs - we will continue the novel on Monday.

Block C: Keep working on your poetry projects. Monday is rehearsal - and Tuesday is for performance. Can't wait to hear your creativity on stage!!

Block D: Phew - essays are done and handed in! Hope you enjoyed the start of the documentary today - we shall continue on Monday!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday!

Block B: There will be some time tomorrow to complete the 3rd reading strategy and the journal response for chapters 12&13.

Block C: Research and writing continue for your poetry presentations. We are done with our time in the library - but you will have a full class tomorrow to continue your work on this project.

Block D: It was revision day for essay writing today - self and peer editing. If you are not going on the field trip tomorrow - you have taken your draft home to write up in pen (double-spaced) or typed (double-spaced) and handed in tomorrow. No changes beyond what was worked on in class please!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tasks for this Tuesday:

Block B: We will have time to complete the journal for chapters 11 and 12 tomorrow in class.

Block C: Today we worked on your poetry research projects. You will have another class tomorrow to research - and feel free to bring in your own technology if you want to get started writing your speech.

Block D: Essay rough drafts are done! Tomorrow you will have the opportunity to get some feedback for your good copy. No major changes at this point though!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Musings:

Block B: Today in class we read chapters 9&10 of our novel and started work on the summary and first 2 reading strategies. There will be time tomorrow to finish the rest!

Block C: Such interesting reactions to the movie! I know for some the ending felt abrupt however, it makes one wonder why the film maker would have chosen such an ambiguous ending. What message about life should we take away? For homework tonight - please complete questions 1-4 for "To the Virgins to Make Much of Time"

Block D: Today was essay writing day #1. Some of you took advantage of the open lunch block to start your writing early. You will have one more class tomorrow to finish your draft.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Fun-times on Friday!

Block B: Your ticket out the door today was to complete the summary and first 2 reading strategies. There will be time on Monday for strategy 3 and the journal. No homework this weekend!

Block C: Hope you have been enjoying the movie so far! We will finish up the rest on Monday - make sure you are keeping track with your handout. No homework this weekend!

Block D: Today was a prep day for your essay on Monday. You left all sources and the outline in class. Make sure you are here on time - you will get 2 blocks to write :) Relax this weekend and clear your mind - you have nothing to worry about until you start writing on Monday!